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Tube oil chainsaw compatible STIHL 176-479 View larger

Tube oil chainsaw compatible STIHL 176-479


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Tube oil chainsaw compatible STIHL 176-479

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Brush cutter chainsaw hedge trimmer blower oil pipe
compatible STIHL
length 175 mm

For models:
009 020 030 .011, .012, .010, .020 T 031, 038, G 041 041 041 AV, 044, FB, 075, 076, 050, BG340, BG66, BG56, BG56, C, C, BG86 BG86, BR200 BR340 BR320, L, L, BR320, BR350, BR420 C, BR420, BR380, BR400, BR500 BR550 BR600, BR430,,, FC75, BT45, FC44, BT130, BT360, FH75 , FR410 C, FR460 T, TC FR130, FC85 T, FR85, FS100 R, RX, FS, R FS110 FS100 FS100 110, FS130 R, FS130, FS160, FS220, FS220, FS20, K, FS180 FS240 RC, RC, C, FS280 FS240 FS260 FS280, FS290 K, FS260, FS310, FS36, FS360 C (2011-), 82800 FS40-), FS40 , FS410 C (2011-), FS410, FS44, FS50 FS460 FS460 C, RC (2008-), FS75, FS80, FS85, FS70 FS56, RX, FS90, FS87, R T FS85, FS85, FS90, FT100, HL100 K, K, K, HL75, HL75 HL100 HL90, HL95 K, HS72, HS74, HS75, HS45, HL95, HS76, HS80, HS85, HT100, HT100, HT101 , HT130, KM90, R, KM85 HT131, KM56, KM90, MS181C, C, MS171, MS171 KW85, MS181, MS192 C, MS192 T, MS192 TC, MS200 T, MS200, MS200 T, MS210 MS211 C, C, C, MS210, MS230 MS250 MS211 C, MS270, MS230, MS270, MS280, MS250 C, SR400, SR420, SR430, SR450, TS360 Levers, TS400 TS410 TS420, TS460, TS50, TS500, TS510, TS760, i, TS800

0000 930 2803


MPN Not applicable
Brand Stihl
EAN Not applicable

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